Sunday, August 17, 2014


Yes, another tray makeover. As I had mentioned sometime ago, I have a tray in every room of the house. This one is from the family room.
The ottoman in the family room also serves as coffee table and required a tray to place the cups or glasses. One day I found this blue and white ikat print gift wrapping paper roll at TJ Maxx. During that time, I was working on the family room decor and my brain was fed to watch for blue and white. I had to pick it.
That weekend, I went through my pile in the garage for a tray. I had picked this sturdy black square tray years ago from the clearance section of Ross for few dollars. It was in nice shape expect the scratches. I would have tweaked it even if it was in perfect shape.
I primed the tray with Rustoleum's primer and after it dried, I painted 2 coats of Rustoleum's white paint. I painted only the the sides on the inside and the outside.

After letting the paint dry for 24 hours, I measured the inside of the tray and cut the gift wrapper to measurement. Using an exacto knife I cut the extra paper.

I wanted to go with acrylic sheet to cover the paper on the tray similar to what I did for the tray on the dining table. 
This tray is for the family room which I am sure will be abused a lot with remotes and other stuffs and cause scratches to the acrylic. So I used the matte finish Mod-Podge to glue the paper to the tray.
Started by pouring a small amount of the Mod-Podge on the tray.
Using a foam brush, I spread the liquid all over the tray where the paper was going on.
Then working from the edge, I placed the paper on the tray.
There were few bubbles, I kept pressing the paper to the tray and found the bubbles was giving texture to the papers.
I did not remove all the bubbles.
Next step was, pour some more Mod-Podge on the top of the paper. This is to seal the paper so it does not tear.
The paper will look like this but do not worry, it will dry to clear look.

Let it cure for couple days and it will look like this.
 The gift wrapper is not navy blue but lighter shade of it.

Now sharing a beautiful tray makeover that a sweet reader Kimberlie shared with me. She did a makeover for this simple wooden tray.
Kimberlie sprayed the tray a turquoise color to match her chair which she had painted the same color and used a wrapping paper from World Market to spice it up.
She uses this tray in her den to hold a candle, remotes and magazines. Such an easy tweak.
The contrast between the turquoise and the red is so perfect.

Have you done any makeover for your trays?
Have a great week ahead.


Thursday, August 14, 2014


Happy Independence Day to my fellow Indians!
This August 15th, India celebrates its' 68th Independence Day.

When it comes to decorating, often times, a master bedroom is the last one to get the attention in a house. The order is living spaces, kitchen, kids and then the master bedroom. That's what happened with Jessica Alba.
Hollywood celebrity Jessica Alba, mom of two and founder of TheHonestCompany teamed up with Domaine's creative director Mat Sanders and his design team had her bedroom transformed into a bright and beautiful space.

The brass lamps.....I want them.
Alba's bedroom transformation:
The room has so much of Indian feel and look. The red bedspread, the wooden bed and the block print pillow.

 The other side of her bedroom.
The tiles, leather chairs, the pillows, plain wooden table, brass and the fiddle leaf fig tree.  

My grandfather used to have a similar chair but a longer armrest where he would have his morning coffee with newspaper.
 The patio from her bedroom:

 Her succulents are beautiful.
The space is clean, modern, earthy and grounded. White paint, white sheets and white curtains. Matched with brass, wood, texture and nature.

Did you like the makeover?

All images via: Here.