Thursday, November 13, 2014


Today's tweak is an easy one. And for free. Just used what I had at home.
Last year during our open enrollment at work, Nationwide, which handles our 401K, gave away these leather coasters for the employees. I took one for my desk.
Next day in the break room, there was a box with the left over coasters. I picked couple of them. A week later, the box was still there with few more pieces. I picked couple more. So I had 5 of them on my desk.
Fast forward to six months, I decided to tweak these coasters.
I had this gold scrap book paper that I had used for some other project. It is a pretty thick paper. My plan was to modge podge the gold paper on the top, paint the rim of the coaster either red or gold, both of which I had.
I turned the paper upside down, laid the coasters on it and circled around it on the paper with a pencil.
The paper was enough for 6 coasters. I should have picked one more coaster.
 Then cut them to size.
I applied Mod Podge on the top of the coasters with a brush. Placed the gold paper on the it. Once I was done with the Mod Podge on all the coasters, I placed heavy books on them and left so overnight.
I did not paint the rims of the coasters as planned since the surface was not smooth. I did sand the rim but still it was not smooth enough to paint. And I like it this way. The paper too has some texture.
The coasters were tweaked to be taken back to work for my desk. But they looked perfect for my coffee table.
Everything on the coffee table is tweaked....the gold tray, the petals tea-light candle holder, the big tray and the flowers in the vase. Will post them soon. One tweak at a time....
The gold paper was less than $2 at Michaels. Michaels/Hobby Lobby has so many options in color and design in scrap book paper/stock papers.
Have you changed the look of your original coasters at home?


Friday, November 7, 2014


Happy Friday guys!
How was your week? I had a pretty good one. Got some small tweaks done...
And you ask, "How come tweaks on weekdays?"
I answer, "No Netflix".

The background: Sanjan is allowed to watch one 20 minute episode everyday. And I watch mine after he goes to bed at 8.30. But sometimes, I do watch when he is awake.
Now the incident: Three weeks ago, I had finished my chores and was watching Criminal Minds on Netflix. Sanjan who was getting ready to bed, came down to get water.
Sanjan: Amma, Are you watching Scandal?
Me: No, Criminal Minds.
And he walked by to watch what it was about. I paused the TV and told him it was not for kids.
He said he will watch for 1 minute and I growled back saying his 20 minutes was up for the day.
Sanjan: How come you get to watch for 40 minutes and I get only 20?
Me: Because, I am two times your age. (Or did I say, 3 times your age?)
Some more pleasantries were being exchanged and suddenly the TV goes blank.

We did not notice that Mr. Tweaks had walked in the room, picked the phone, dialed Netflix and asked them to disconnect. Right away.

This is the reason for my productivity. Yes, I am yet to write the post. They will be out soon.

Meanwhile, sharing the photos of these two rooms. Though both the rooms are designed by different designer's but both have painted the door to the color of the wallpaper.

There is too much red but I love this bedroom.
This bright entrance. With a mix of nature, woven basket and the wood. Perfect.
I have been wanting to have a wallpaper somewhere in my house but where? is the question.
Did you like the spaces?

Have a wonderful weekend.