Thursday, April 23, 2015


Sharing with you all this portfolio of a Houston based interior designer Lisa McGough. I found her design to be mix of modern and vintage.

What I liked about her design is how she has mixed patterns and colors in a neutral background.

Sometime last year, I picked a similar mirror but more ornate than this, that I am yet to hang on our fireplace.

Chandelier in bedroom adds elegance. Add mirrored nightstand and a sun-burst mirror to the mix.

The designer does love her sun-burst mirrors.

For long, I have been coveting for these foo dogs. I am yet to find a pair in my budget.


When I see the work of other designer's, I try to pick the smaller part of their work that I can have in my home or tweak it my liking. What did you like in her design?

Have a wonderful weekend.

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Friday, April 17, 2015


Happy Friday Folks!
Sorry about not keeping up to my "will be back on Thursday". The tweak I am sharing today is a mini one which did not need a separate post.
For the built-in book shelves I filled it up with few accessories that I shopped for in the house and I did tweak them before styling the shelves.
The two small storage boxes you see here are from Target.
I found them like these in the clearance section. Both the boxes were in good condition except the scratches on them.

On a Saturday morning, I set-up my work station in the garage.
I removed the stickers on the bottom of the boxes with Goo Gone. And gave the boxes and the lids a light sanding.
I sprayed 2 coats of primer and when it dried, sprayed 2 coats of white glossy paint giving time to dry between each coat.

I let the boxes dry overnight.
And next day, I painted the inside of the bigger box a red and the smaller one in yellow. I don't know why I did that I liked it.

Each box needed 3 coats of paint. I used the crafts acrylic paints that I already had at home. I had bought them from Michaels. One bottle was more than enough for each box.

The boxes were perfect for the shelves. If I ever have to move either of the box to another room, I can just paint to match it that space or room's d├ęcor.

What are your plans for the weekend?
We have guests over for dinner tonight as well tomorrow evening.
I am working on a project that I will share with you all sometime next week.

Have a great weekend you all.